Making the path by walking

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There’s no blueprint for bringing about sustainable development. As a species, we’ve never made the transformation from globalised unsustainability to a sustainable society—so we don’t, yet, know how we’ll do it.

We have to experiment. We have to take a leap of faith. We have to do something. And all the time, we have to be wonderfully and patiently alert to the impact our experiments are having. We have to just sit there.

How shall we do both?

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Learning sets, debriefing groups: learning from doing

I’ve been helping organisations learn how to collaborate better.  One of my clients was interested in boosting their organisation’s ability to keep learning from the real-life experiences of the people who I’d trained.

We talked about setting up groups where people could talk about their experiences - good and bad - and reflect together to draw out the learning…

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Penny Walker facilitates change for sustainability, and is based in North London. About Penny »

Events coming up

  • 24 September 14: Leading in Sustainability

    IEMA’s inaugural sustainability conference in collaboration with IEMA Regional Steering Groups and members of the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO). As part of the programme, Penny will be running a workshop on “Engaging Stakeholders – from fire fighting to a strategic approach”. This workshop will be based around some really useful frameworks for thinking about and planning engagement so that it adds value to the business’s decision-making. Details »